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65 Arnold Street, Observatory

Arnold 65 is an attractive, one story house. It is located in a quieter neighborhood just a few blocks from the Foreign Exchange and downtown Observatory. This property has comes with a splendid, private backyard that can be enjoyed at all times of the year.

73 Arnold Street, Observatory

73 Arnold house is a great house to enjoy your stay in Cape Town. Located just a few blocks from downtown Observatory, 73 Arnold offers both a convenient location and a quaint, comfortable stay.

3 Bishop Road, Observatory

The Bishop street property is in close proximity to downtown Observatory and offers an elegant interior in a quiet neighborhood. Residents will find a comfortable, spacious house in a convenient location.

8 Disa Avenue, Observatory

The Disa house is one of our mid-size properties that we offer. It is a modern, one story property located conveniently close to the Observatory station as well as to the other amenities in Observatory.

3th Florence RD, Observatory

Florence Rd is a large one-story house located a short walk from downtown Observatory. Residents will find a spacious house with all the desired amenities, in a great neighborhood of Observatory.

12 Ivy Street, Observatory

The Ivy street house is a one-story house located in close proximity to the Observatory Station. A modern style flat, Ivy street is a short walk from downtown Observatory and provides a comfortable stay.

8 James Street, Observatory

The James Street property is a two-story, four bedroom house. Located just a few blocks from downtown Observatory, it is conveniently located and has a large living area.

The Loft L7, Observatory

Loft L7 is a spacious, modern apartment two blocks from downtown Observatory. The loft offers residents a large, two story living space furnished with a contemporary kitchen and dining room, a lounge with a TV, and a washing room.

The Loft F1, Observatory

Loft F1 is a modern apartment located just a short walk away from downtown Observatory. Boasting a large, fully furnished dining room and kitchen, this apartment is a spacious and welcoming option for any  Cape Town-bound individual.

59 Lower Main, Observatory

3 bedroom house, all en-suite. Limited internet, Safe secure off street parking.

197 Lower Main, Observatory

197 Lower Main is a large two story house located directly downtown in Observatory. With a spacious kitchen, living room, pool table, and porch, 197 provides every resident with an array of amenities as well as a fun atmosphere.

2th Melleson Road, Mowbray

Melleson is a large, modern-style two-story house located in Mowbray, close to UCT. It is an attractive house with all the amenities you need!

49 Milton Road, Observatory

The Milton house is a large, one-story house located a few blocks away from central Obz. It is one of our larger houses, and comes with a front porch area that is the site of many barbeques.

4 Lower Scott Road, Observatory

The Lower Scott House house is a smaller, 3 bedroom house located a few blocks away from central Obz. Lower scott offers a quiet and relaxed place for those who prefer to relax instead of to party.

8th Perth Road, Observatory

Perth Road offers a nice neighborhood conveniently located near the Observatory Station and the local grocery store.  This one-story house is set back off the road and has a very spacious interior.  

Scott Road 62, Observatory

Scott 62 is a quaint, one-story house located at the edge of Observatory. Residents will have a short walk to downtown Observatory or to Main Road from Scott Road’s advantageous location.

17 Scott St, Gardens

17 Scott is a beautiful loft-style house located in the exciting and energetic centre of Cape Town, near to all the restaurants, nightlife, and transport options available within the central business district (CBD). Scott Street is approximately a 10 minute drive to downtown Observatory, but is served by multiple bus lines, taxis, and the central train station, a 10 minute walk away. It is a two-story house that also boasts a screened-in porch and a backyard

89 Station Rd, Observatory

The Station Road property is an old Victorian house with wooden floors and lots of history. It is conveniently located in downtown Observatory by the Observatory Station. It is large, homely residence that promises to provide a fun and social experience while you are Cape Town.

Skyways, Zonnebloem/Mowbray

The skyways house is conveniently located near the down town area of Cape Town. The house has access to a large shared private pool and garden.

98 Strubens, Mowbray

98 Strubens house is a one-story property with a contemporary feel, located just a few blocks from downtown Observatory. It sits in a quiet neighborhood away from downtown and also has an attractive porch in the backyard that is perfect for braais, drinks, and socializing.

49 Wesley Street, Observatory

Wesley is a smaller, one-story house in a quieter neighborhood. It is located a short walk away from the Foreign Exchange and downtown Observatory. 

Zonnebloem, Mowbray

Zonnebloem, or sunflower.